January 25th, 2017. 5min read. by Sandra Taddeo

“So, you’re a psychologist, huh?” he paused, “Well, you’ll have a lot of work here! Tons of crazies end up in this town,”  said the manager at the co-working space in Indo.

And there it was again, that type of derogatory assumption about my clients. I mumbled a lousy response, finished checking in and went on my way. But something this guy said had got under my skin. I mean, he wasn’t wrong. It’s true that my clients are quite crazy. But what does that even mean to me?

In truth, the people I work with are CRAZY BRAVE, to dive into their chartless inner world where they might find their darkest secrets, buried pain and deepest fears.

They are CRAZY HUMBLE for reaching-out, surrendering themselves to their vulnerabilities, and letting someone really see them in the midst of their struggle.

They are CRAZY GRACIOUS for allowing themselves to experience beauty even when they are in great pain and at their most fragile.

FIERCELY DEDICATED to showing up and sticking to the plan, day in, day out, even when they fall flat on their faces or feel discouraged.

WILDLY INSPIRING for honouring their strengths and allowing infinite feelings of hope to fuel them through their challenges.

INSANELY INNOVATIVE for creating unique and astonishing solutions to deep rooted and complex problems. For ditching the status quo and constantly aiming to make their lives a kick ass place to be!

Over time their audacious efforts will pay off.

Some of my clients will finally shed a warm tear for pain that had long ago frozen inside them. Some will finally let go and nobly walk away from a gruelling reality to which they can’t do anything.

Some will awake their inner tiger, break free from the chains that bind them and kick down barriers. Some will have unforeseen breakthroughs, release latent genius talent and accomplish things they never believed were possible.

Some will eventually step into a completely different life. A life where they dare to be – full on – who they truly are. A life where their potential develops and plays out unapologetically. A life where they celebrate their own uniqueness.

Yes the people I work with are crazy… CRAZY REMARKABLE!

My role as the safe keeper of their pieces of stories is a precious one. As their front comes down, whether they are at their shakiest or their strongest, they become utterly alive and truthful. I bear witness to that.

It leaves me in awe when I experience the rawness of human nature. In the same way that it blows me away when I witness the rawness of nature – the sky showered with shooting stars, a dolphin dropping onto my wave, or the ground shaking with a deafening crash of thunder.

Confronted with this wonder I can’t help but know that I’m a part of something huge. Every now and again, time stops, and everything makes perfect sense. That’s how I experience my work. Human beings are crazy beautiful in the face of adversity. Human beings are crazy beautiful in the face of epiphany. I must be the luckiest person alive to be able to work with these crazy awesome people.

So, Mr Manager from the co-working space in Indo, when you say there are a lot of crazy people that end up in this town, are you talking about my kinda crazies?

Because if so, I think I might just love it here.