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Jan 25, 17
My kind of crazy
MY KIND OF CRAZY January 25th, 2017. 5min read. by Sandra Taddeo “So, you’re a psychologist, huh?” he paused, “Well, you’ll have a lot of work here! Tons of crazies end up in this town,”  said the manager at the...
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Jan 8, 16
Definite YES’S
DEFINITE YES'S January 8th, 2015. 5min read. by Sandra Taddeo Now that you’ve nailed down a few NO’S, I’m guessing you have a little more time for some of life’s sweet delights: YOUR DEFINITE YES’S! Warning: If you are trying to...
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Nov 3, 15
NO MORE DREARY NO-VEMBERS November 2nd, 2015. 4min read. by Sandra Taddeo November can be a harsh month. Nature is slowing down, giving us less heat and less light, while at the same time, we need to keep up the...
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